Big Energy has their communications war room. Counterspill.org is ours.

Time after time energy industries control the stories of their own disasters. Their objective is to minimize liability, deflect, defend, distract, and return to the status quo. For them, the faster an incident is out of the public mind, the better. We need to take control of this story.

Our goal: a one-stop, multi-tiered communication resource to create and respond — week by week, month by month, year by year — to energy industry narratives. A counter-narrative that takes on corporate and governmental spin, to keep the truth in the news and inspire positive change for our world in the wake of disaster.

We are concerned global citizens who recognize our dependence on non-renewable energy but are motivated to reduce it. Global energy disasters offer us a chance to question and change behavior, which we promote by inciting dialogue that transcends mainstream media. Our tools are information and creative engagement. Our platform is Counterspill.

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