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“While we understand that comparisons to Macondo are inevitable, we would like to state clearly that the situations are very different."

-- Total Chief Financial Officer Patrick de La Chevardiere

We continue to see incremental improvement in the overall stability.

- Navy Admiral Robert Willard

The situation is not stable at all.

- Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics

"We believe that no accurate determination can be made or reported until further information is collected."

-- BP 2010 Sustainability Report

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SoCal Gas Has Permanently Stopped Leak in Gas Well Above Porter Ranch, State Confirms

Nearly four months after it was first detected, leading thousands of Porter Ranch residents to flee their homes, a leak in a natural gas well more than 8,000 feet underground has been stopped, state authorities and the Southern California Gas Co. announced Thursday.

The well, sitting among more than 100 others in the utility’s massive Aliso Canyon storage field in the Santa Susana Mountains, has been the site of round-the-clock work to stop the leak since early December.

Must Watch Docs: Five Thought-Provoking Energy Films For Summer

It's movie season! There are tons of blockbusters opening this summer, but we're proposing something different.

Instead of going to yet another overcrowded opening weekend, why not search out a documentary about renewable energy?

Not normally interested in documentaries, you say? Well you're in luck: We've selected five films based on five popular genres. Whether you're into horror or action/adventure or mystery, there's a new release that'll suit your tastes and expand your mind.



Gasland: Part 2

Is Climate Change "Not Debatable"? Yes, Says Science

On May 21, the Obama administration ushered in Ernest Moniz as its new energy secretary. His firm stance on climate change is a breath of fresh air as many in political power continue to toe the line on mankind's impact on the environment. 

Best Ad Spoofs On Non-Renewable Energy

The best commentary is often the most hilarious. From movie directors to activist organizations, many have contributed spoofs and satirical ads at the expense of non-renewable energy companies. In a world where anyone can become a media manipulator, the following are among our favorite campaigns that add much appreciated insult to injury. 


Clean Coal Clean

By: Coen Brothers & Alliance for Climate Protection

BREAKING: ExxonMobil Oil Pipeline Bursts In Arkansas; 80,000 Gallons Spilled

Officials are examining how an ExxonMobil pipeline carrying a highly concentrated crude oil ruptured on Friday, spilling at least 80,000 gallons of oils into central Arkansas.

The spill has been labeled "major" by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As of Saturday afternoon, 189,000 gallons of oil and water have been recovered with cleanup actions continuing through Monday. Twenty-two homes have been evacuated.

Examining The State Department's Keystone XL Pipeline Report

A State Department report on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline released last week has been lauded as a green light for construction. However, further research into the document has cast a shadow on its positive interpretation. 

Economic benefits?

Boating Oil Spills Can Be Wiped Out With Education, Says Study By Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative

Boating is a popular pastime in sunny Southern California, but it comes at a high price. It's also a cause of major oil contamination along the region's beaches. 

According to a recent report produced by the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative, there is a solution to this problem -- proactive education.

James Balog Of 'Chasing Ice' On Non-Renewable Energy's Glacial Impact

A group of daring photographers and documenters have been braving the freezing Arctic for years to film glaciers. Lead by James Balog, those involved in the project have recorded the history of a landscape that may never be seen again.

Due to a warming effect, glaciers are disappearing at a staggeringly fast rate and the team is on the hunt to provide a time-lapse representation of just how fast it's going. Their adventure is documented in the film "Chasing Ice."

Shell Drilling Rig Runs Aground, Marks More Trouble For Arctic Oil Operations

A Shell Oil offshore drilling rig ran aground in southern Alaska Monday, marking another in a long series of setbacks for the company's Arctic drilling development.

The Kulluk rig was on its way to maintenance in Puget Sound, Wash. when a severe storm hit and caused it to separate from a tow line.

As of Wednesday morning, there are no reports of spillage. The rig currently carries over 150,000 gallons of diesel fuel and other oil products.